We design and build information management tools for the web3 space

Our goal is to help DAOs and orgs own and manage their own data, and help people, partners and contributors find the information they need. Quickly and easily.
Who can you trust in a trustless world? Crypto is an adventure, full of opportunity but also rife with scams, information overload, and confusing jargon. Pentacle is your lantern through the dark forest, the talisman of protection on your crypto quest, providing verified information, safe links and helpful learning tools.
d3.js visualisation of a snapshot of SOCKS holders for an ETH hackathon in May 2022. Hosted on Fleek. Dropped a POAP for top 5 SOCKS holders with ENS domains.
A mini version of pentacle built for teams to un-scale – and un-scatter their collective knowledge, in an open-source self-hosted tool